top 5 most profitable business ideas

top 5 most profitable business ideas

I'm going to be sharing
with you the top five most profitable
business ideas now just keep in mind
these are online business ideas so you
need to use the power of the internet

and that's why you can make so much
profit using these ideas
one of the top five
profitable business ideas that you
should start all right guys let's jump

in so the first idea is to use your
existing skills and freelance you know
use like up work if you're a graphic
go on up work and do graphic design work

if you are a copywriter go on up work
and deliver a great copy to people and
take on those freelance jobs like you
have skills
that's an incredible way to build a very
very profitable business insanely fast

whatever your skills are you could be a
personal trainer, you could be a designer
you could be a videographer you could be
a video editor you could be a health
nutritionist, you can be a dietician you

can do meal plans there are so many things
you do you could teach piano like
there are so many skills that you must
have that you can go out there and
actually provide a service to someone

with those skills, it's one of the
easiest businesses to start it's one of
the most profitable businesses to start
because it cost nothing to start it 
costs nothing to deliver it except your

time so you can make a really good
amount of profit who like using a
a platform like Upwork or going out
pitching clients very very powerful so
with full transparency, I've found a

the magazine you know we produce online
courses we have courses on so many
different things and we partner with all
sorts of really successful entrepreneurs
and founders that we call practitioners

these are people that actually have a
big business doing what they're teaching
and they don't make most of their money
from teaching
make most of their money as their

business because I think it's a massive
problem gone are the days of like you
know the age of internet gurus it's just
rampant so with full transparency we do
have a course that actually teaches you

how to do this because I believe in this
so much that if you want to start a side
hustle if you want to start a business
but don't know where to start what are
the skills that you have and go out and

sell those skills as a service it's so
extremely powerful and you make a lot of
money very very fast it doesn't cost you
anything you can make a lot of profit so
here's an example of one of our

students from our course one of our
courses that teach you how to do this
package up your offer everything Marya
from consulting Empire he was able to
make thirty thousand dollars in only a

few months from selling his marketing
services to businesses like so extremely
powerful super easy to roll out
incredible business ideal
so the second business idea is if you do

have skills teach them online courses
are extremely massive we see this at
founder as another extremely profitable
business model that's why we do have a
course on it and it's one that I

actually, teach what's really interesting
are we've found that a lot of people want
to create online courses and what we've
found is having an online course based
business is extremely profitable because

you can create that course once and you
can record it and then you can sell it
an infinite amount of time so we created
a course called infinite scale which up

your knowledge and turn it into an
online course and what I love about that
the business model is it's really really
scalable and it's extremely profitable
because when you sell a digital product

like an online course, you have a hundred
percent margin it's not like software
where you have to use developers and you
have to create yes it is a digital
product but you have to create that

software and it costs a lot of money so
selling online courses is extremely
profitable business idea and you know at
founder, we're a multi-million dollar per
year company we're a little bit

different to most because we have many
teachers, we find other practitioners to
teach we're a brand but probably you
just you  can teach it doesn't happen
you have to create a brand around it

you can be an individual and I teach
that particular course so very very
the profitable business idea never gonna
change it is going to be an industry
that's going to get bigger and bigger

and bigger so the third business idea is
starting an e-commerce business you can create
products overseas like in China at the
the manufacturing you can even give them
here produced locally and then sell

them internationally around the world
now what I really like about an
e-commerce business and how you can make
it really really profitable is you can
use like Instagram as a really really

a powerful way to sell that physical
the product so you know a lot of people say
you have to use Facebook Ads and all
this kind of stuff to sell your physical
the product you actually don't you can use

Instagram it's insanely powerful you
know health issues a very very
successful business insanely profitable
it's really easy to maintain it's
really easy to get up and running

it's really easy to grow if you
know what you're doing when it comes to
using social media or even if you're not
using social media you want to use
Facebook Ads

you still can be really
profitable starting a physical product
based business so online retail is
massive it's only going to get so much
larger you see a lot of people creating

Amazon based businesses as well that's
another space that you can play in but
both those two particular areas are
selling a physical product online those
kinds of businesses are extremely highly

profitable based businesses that I
recommend that you look at starting so
an example of somebody doing this is
Justin Kemper Minh, he's one of our
students from our starting scale your

online store course so we do have a
course on this we've got an incredible
an instructor that teaches this as well and
we have tens of thousands of people that
will help start and grow their online

store so Justin is one of them in the
In the past year alone he's made over six
million dollars from selling his
physical products he's only 18 years old
like it's crazy what you can do with the

power of the Internet incredible
business model another great business
an idea you've got to look into selling
physical products really powerful
so the other business idea I have

you starting a block now I know that
might sound kind of simple but this is
what I love about blogging it's only
gonna take your time to create content
it takes a while but over time if you

can boot up a large blog you can
actually, sell advertising and
sponsorships which are very very powerful
you know my friend Joel Brown who runs
our website called addicted to success

com he gets millions of visitors every
single month and makes millions of
dollars every single year like from his
a crazy blog it's really
profitable that's another thing like all

of these business ideas, they're very
very profitable so you know if you just
use your time to write these incredible
articles and build up an audience and
then you have a banner on your website

you can sell ads you can sell
sponsorships for these particular
articles or posts and you make a hundred
percent margin and that's what we're
talking about guys how do you build the

most profitable business ever in this
a particular article so creating a blog and
selling sponsorships or ads is another
a great way that you can start a really
profitable business so the last idea is

to create a consulting or coaching based
the business now the reason I like that
business once again is because it's
extremely profitable
it only takes your time cost minimal

amounts of money to start up if you must
have a skill or something that you can
help people with so as an example one of
our coaches Steve McLeod he's built a 30
million dollars per year business and now

he coaches entrepreneurs and for him to
just get on the phone for one hour a month
or one hour every couple of weeks with
me you know he charges thousands of
dollars every single month it's a very

very profitable business idea and it
doesn't cost much to set up and you can
make a lot of money from doing it if 
can create a whole business around it
you can go and eventually hire people so

coaching is very very powerful if you
have a health-based business and you
want to do fitness coaching online and
there are people to do that if you want to
teach something online like it's very

very powerful having a coaching business
where you just help that person
one-to-one or one-to-many where you can
use online webinars and you can coach
many people when you coach them live so

those are my top five profitable
business ideas
I just cannot stress enough the reason
that I chose these is because if I was
to get bankrupt like tomorrow and I had

to pay like a million dollars back in
debt like these are the businesses that
I see right now and the ideas and the
models that are the fastest ways to make
money but make a ridiculous amount of

profit for the least amount of work as
possible so guys I hope you enjoyed this


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