Top business ideas in 2020

Top business ideas in 2020

Top business ideas in 2020

be those obvious ideas that you
can think of yourself as starting a
restaurant or a car wash we're gonna
talk about ideas based on recent trends
recent growing markets and if you're
oh by the way very important role if you
decide to start your own business your

motivation shouldn't be because the marina
said it's gonna be a great business your
motivation should be wow I love this
the market I've been on it for a while or
maybe you've thought of it for a while

and then marina mentions something that
is growing maybe this is the right time
maybe this is the trigger for me to go
and start something there so always
listen to your heart so obvious right

but that's the only thing they're gonna
take you through all the problems that
you can encounter when starting a
business and this will make you
successful okay let's do it first

the business idea is starting a co-working
space and I know if you live in a big
a city like San Francisco Los Angeles
there are plenty of co-working spaces
but I also find that when I travel to

smaller cities I struggle to find the
the right place to work out of Starbucks yes
a pretty commonplace to work from like
a lot of people bring their laptops but
I just don't like this barista coffee

machine sound it distracts you from
anything you do I don't like people
walking around all the time sometimes
maybes come in and start crying you know
there are so many factors that just

distract you and I wouldn't mind paying
what I paid to Starbucks and like coffee
fees to a small co-working space what
I've seen in other countries what people
do they rent an apartment and convert it

into co-working space just for friends
and they come and work out of thereof
course if your landlord allows that but
people all over the world are looking
for smaller places to work out of and I
remember back in st. 

Petersburg we're
looking for a smaller office like a
hundred square feet office and we
couldn't find it so in some cities
there's definitely a problem with

finding the right place to work out of
and especially because a lot of people
are starting to work from home and there
are so many people who just don't want
to stay at home for 24 hours a day

co-working space is a great opportunity
the next business idea hits 74,000
Google searches last month do you know
what it is it
posture corrector our normal posture

these days is this right this is a
normal posture and it is not normal for
our bodies this is why a lot of people
go to cut to see chiropractors that's
why I have massage weekly because

otherwise, my shoulders are just stuck
the posture corrector is your business idea
so you've probably seen them on Facebook
you put this small device in your back
and it vibrates whenever your posture is

incorrect I haven't seen a lot of
businesses in that space and with this
trend 74,000 searches a month there is
definitely space out there for another
company and with any market that is just

starting to develop I think there's
always space for like two or three big
companies because I remember when a car
sharing business just started to become
big there was over and then suddenly

Lyft appeared and I was like wow why
would people start another company on
this market and now lift is huge so it's
because you know you can always make
something a little better you can always

make another better offer for your
customer and this is how you get clients
and ever-growing market business number
three and here's another piece of data
for your apps related to diet and fitness

account for three-point three percent of
all apps on the Apple Store what that
means everybody understands that
exercise is important everybody
understands that the best way to gain

muscle strength is to exercise every day
but actually starting to exercise on any
the taken day is a huge problem and what I
feel is when I get new sports clothes
when I buy a new fitness course when I

download another app that's another
trigger for me to actually start
exercising and I think this is why this
the market has been growing so steadily and
if you're a fitness coach for example

and you have your offline clients I
think the first step into going to this
the bigger market of online fitness
instruction is to tell your clients like
hey I was thinking you come to train
every day at like 7 p.m. why don't you

take my online class to exercise every morning
as well because this is a great start of
your day and for it's just $20 a month I
would provide you with like a monthly set
of exercises to do at home and this is

your first step because you don't have
to rush and create a mobile app right
away and then you will think of ways to
evolve this online thing because again
it's growing really fast number four

just listen to the market size three
point four billion dollars this is the
market size for men's cosmetics and
there is a niche that has been growing
really fast one-billion-dollar market

remember Dollar Shave Club and all that
stuff 1 billion dollar market shaving
why because 39% of men in America have
beards and this is the whole new market
you start with razors you start with

creams and then you go all the way to
beard oils two different things that you
can Tec rate your beard with one
billion-dollar market and I think this
business compared to some others that
I've mentioned before it's pretty easy

to start because if you're already in
cosmetics business we have
those streets where every day from I
know 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. we have several
food trucks come over and bring foods

from you know different cuisines we have
like Russian truck we have
kimchee or whatever like we have so many
things this business is pretty easy to
start because you don't need to rent a

place you don't need to hire a lot of
people you just turn in the food truck
or you buy a food truck depending on
your financial resources and then you
figure out where you can go and then

every day you can just go to either the
same place or different places and again
because the failure rate is really low I
think it's a great way to start your way
in the food industry and let's jump into

the next area of the food industry
that's healthy fast food if you've ever
been to Italy and if you've ever
traveled by car in Italy you've probably
been to there gas stations with that

prosciutto and mozzarella and arugula
salad and those truffle oil sandwiches
like this is the best place to eat in
the whole of Italy like those car stops are
amazing what happens in the US when I

travel from San Francisco to LA by car I
take four boiled eggs celery hummus
beans because otherwise I would be stuck
with McDonald's and subway and healthy
fast food is such a problem if you are

outside the big city and I think this is
a huge opportunity especially guys if
you live between San Francisco and Los
Angeles so many people who are worried
about their health and who want to eat

healthy they struggle so if you go to
one of those places where they have all
the restaurants and start a healthy fast
food I am I would be the first one who
would advertise you for free first of

all and then please research this
an opportunity like even airports
I don't want an airport they have bread
a man chair I don't know what's the
the right way to pronounce it but they have

this amazing crab salad they have
avocado salad what do you find in u.s.
At the airport, you find a lot of sandwiches you
find soups that you don't really want to
eat because they don't smell well so

healthy fast food
the next business idea reusable
bags and yes huge trend right now and I
think this is one of the best trends
like they DM me marina stop using

plastic glasses whenever they see me
well maybe like a plastic bottle they
would DM me and remind me that we have
to be mindful about our planet and me
know that there is a lot that can be

done and Finland is a great example here
they do a lot of recycling in the US I
think California is a great example
in terms of you cannot get a free back
when you do your groceries you need to

pay at least 10 cents to get a bag
and in a lot of shops, the bags would be
paper bags instead of plastic bags which
is amazing and with this 10 to 20 cents
fee people are encouraged to bring their

reusable bag and this is actually a huge
business opportunity because you know
reusable bags tend to be bulky that
it'll be huge and you wouldn't really
cure them with you but if you make it

foldable if you make it stylish so I
wouldn't need to carry like my standard
the bag I would just take my reusable bag
and put my things into it like this
would be amazing or a convertible bag

this is a huge business right now and I
see a lot of people doing it and if
you're from the US look at your local
market if you're from another country
look at your local market as well
because I think this market is

underdeveloped in a lot of countries
outside the US the next business smart
apparel do you remember that was this
hoody there was four travelers and me
think a lot of people like every second

the person in Silicon Valley had it because
we travel so much he had an inflatable
a pillow that was inside that hoody the
hood could be converted into something
that protect you from the light it had a

the charger it had like everything you need
when you travel and there were thousands
of those hoodies sold online through
platforms like Kickstarter IndieGoGo
like all of those crowdfunding platforms
and smart

barrel industry is projected to hit four
billion dollars by 2024 and if you're a
designer for example and you want to
continue in the design business but you
think that you know just making another

sweatshirt or no the t-shirt wouldn't be
that lucrative probably what I would do
I would partner with somebody who knows
how to create technological stuff like I
recently met guys who are doing t-shirts

that change their color so you don't
have to buy like five different t-shirts
you buy just one and there is this
fabric that changes its color and there
are two people working on it a designer

and a guy who knows how to create this
fabric so finding someone who can bring
technology into your designer business
could be a game-changer because again
people are looking for smart clothes I

would love a sweatshirt that would warm
itself up when it's cold outside or when
it's hot outside to cool itself and me
know there are a lot of people trying to
build something like this so go ahead.


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