How to run an online business in 2020


 How to run an online business in 2020

hey guys what's up what is going on with 

your business let's start this article by 

checking up on one another and sharing 

what's going on because my business my 

core business language rep has changed 

completely so write a comment down below 

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Work from home jobs from any country

what's going on together with your company 

well I'll tell you what is happening with 

mine so basically two months ago our core 

revenue was driven by people that traveled 

abroad to find out languages to take their 

university courses to require part in several 

certificate programs in March that revenue was 

zero we'll break even on travel in April we're 

actually in negative because people are canceling 

the trips they've booked before and there's nothing 

we will do about it because the bulk of countries 

closed their borders the majority of faculties 

are closed I might say actually every school is 

closed right now most are struggling but at the 

same time the web a part of our a business where 

we teach people languages where I record courses 

where we hire tutors to record courses and do 

live streams this part has actually been growing 

I feel it doubled in March and it's already 

performing rather well in April so there are 

certain things that we've wiped out the past 

few months to rework our business 

because I was already expecting a recession 

we were expecting a crisis and I have been 

through a crisis with my company before back

in 2014 and that I was sitting with Dima 

who's my husband and our CEO and that I told 

him you recognize we've to form sure we're 

ready for this because I anticipated crisis 

and he was anticipating crisis everybody was 

talking about it but we could not predict 

it might be global because I assumed it might 

be just for certain countries now we see that 

the whole world is affected but I'm super 

happy we still have the web part and in this 

an article, I'll share some tips and things that 

you simply can do together with your company 

right now to survive and thrive because 

you recognize what's gonna happen in hopefully, 

few months when this is often all over maybe 

three months we do not know maybe during a year 

but you recognize what's gonna happen when this 

is often everywhere the strongest are gonna 

become even stronger even larger there are 

gonna be numerous empty spaces on the market 

and if you survive this you're gonna thrive 

in normal economic conditions 

so my favorite advice if your business was 

offline and you're now trying to build something 

online don't hire developers, by the way, 

Silicon Valley people don't really struggle 

yeah don't hire developer use a tool to build 

a landing page and your goal right now is to 

start out selling as fast as you can please 

don't make your product perfect it's okay to 

form mistakes for the first few things you're 

gonna improve them later for you the foremost 

the important thing immediately is to get this 

income to stay your business life to stay yourself 

alive to stay your employees and contractors 

happy as they will be and these 

circumstances in linguae trip, we've got an entire 

team of developers but what I feel is that 

we're still happier using tools that are 

available online they're available almost 

for free of charge to make landing pages 

instead of using this expensive labor and 

developers are better used at you know creating

something that's on the backend creating 

all the magic that's going on but in terms of 

making the landing page you'll use the tools 

that are online by the way this article is 

sponsored by getting a response I'm gonna talk 

a lot about them and that we use them in linguae 

a trip I exploit them for all of our businesses 

because they're this an all-in-one solution 

where you'll do a lot of things also as 

creating landing pages so if you would like 

to start out selling something directly create 

a landing page asks people their email asking 

people their contact details or even you give 

them something for free of charge which you 

can totally do through get a response so you 

create a landing page maybe you sold flowers 

or even you were a massage person, I do not 

what like in lately I'm sitting down and 

thinking like what if I used to be a massage 

therapist what would I neutralize these 

circumstances and that I would totally start 

a YouTube channel teaching people the way to 

do self-massage and I would create differently 

checklists and courses on the way to give 

massage to your loved person or the way to 

give massage at home then if I were that 

massage therapist, 

I might create a landing page where I might 

tell please leave an email and I would send 

you a free video of - get yourself a neck and 

shoulder massage because we're all sitting 

right now ahead of our screens and that 

we need our body to thrive we're still needed 

in a couple of years so this is often the 

straightforward a massage technique that's 

getting to help you relieve this neck and 

shoulder stress this is often what I might do 

and that I would create a landing page with 

getting a response to invite people emails then 

I would create a drip campaign which you can 

do and obtain a response also where I would 

educate people about the massage and within 

the end, 

I might sell them my massage course where 

I teach all of them the techniques that 

I do know that might be my solution the next 

a thing really important and really unfortunate 

yes if you've got some people on your team 

you would possibly get to get obviate a number 

of them, if you do not have enough money to pay 

them but if you don't have anyone on your team 

yet I would not hire anyone immediately because 

you need to make certain you're as flexible 

as possible so if you've got small tasks I 

would just outsource them and pay people 

by the hour and you'll use different tools 

to track their hours you'll just ask them 

to supply a spreadsheet where they would log 

in their hours but please don't hide anyone 

for a hard and fast rate because you never 

know what's gonna happen next month you never 

know what's gonna happen in two months and 

that I really like this a thing once 

I work with my contractors supported hours 

because if it's a busy month and that they 

get more money if it is a more relaxed month 

they get less and this scheme totally reflects 

their input in their work and another thing 

that I wanted to inform you especially if 

you're based within the US or Canada where 

we've to pay tons of money per hour to a 

contractor, so you can also hire international 

contractors lingo trip features a lot of 

international people on the team and 

therefore the way it works in terms 

of taxes, you hire a contractor and 

for these international contractors 

you don't pay any tax in u.s. that a 

the person pays his own income taxes in his

home country and you do not even need to 

file a 1099 and since we've tons of contractors 

within the US I do know that each year 

it's like maybe 50 or 60 1099s to file because 

fluent Express we use tons of native speakers 

and we'll use tons of native speakers for 

other services but for international contractors 

you don't have to file 1099 the are really 

really low for tons of jobs it's but $10 an 

the hour and within the US you would pay 

something like 25 or 30 dollars so it is a 

lot cheaper easier to maintain and in terms 

of taxes, you do not have to pay anything 

extra if you've got more questions on it 

I'm not a CPA but I'm trying to offer you 

the foremost information that I even have 

immediately if you have any questions 

comment down below we'll attempt to answer 

them number four this has been a game-changer 

for us in terms of selling because people are 

sitting reception and that they want to consume 

content yes pre-recorded videos work rather 

well but what we have seen is that live streams 

and webinars work perfectly well I've done 

a few webinars fortnight ago they were the 

precise same live streams I just wanted to 

repeat the lifestream once more because 

I wasn't happy with the primary time I did 

it but each the time I had 2,500 people 

watching me live and the retention was amazing 

because normally once I would do a live stream

people would come then they're going to just 

gradually drop off which webinar was around two 

hours and by the top of the second hour 

I still had over a thousand people watching 

that was amazing this just proves my theory 

that well theory this is often obvious people 

just want to hold out with people and them 

want this sense of community 

they want to be during a group so if you'll 

do live streams for your clients which will 

be amazing do them for free of charge then 

within the end, you can upsell them with a 

course what I say during my lectures, 

I say so you've seen my way of teaching 

if you would like to continue learning 

English with me those two lectures were 

about English, if you want to continue 

learning English with me here are a few

of courses that have pre-recorded for you 

and I am giving a special discount because 

you are taking part in this live stream 

that's a completely different video I 

can teach you how to sell cheer and webinars 

but this is something you'll do first for 

clients second for your team 

if you've got a team and if you're wont to 

working in an office and now you would like 

this face-to-face contact please create a 

webinar for your team leave there and prove 

that you are a leader tell them everything 

goes to be fine we're pivoting from this 

product to the present the product that's 

gonna perform the market really needs this 

the new product that I'm thinking about to be 

there for them during a video format and 

again you'll hold webinars with getting 

response and it's especially useful for 

your clients because getting the response 

actually knows which client took part 

in your webinar and you'll create a 

special email campaign for those people 

who actually were there on the webinar 

and for those that just registered but 

never saw your webinar and it's really 

important to form this tailor-made to 

your customers because that converts 

tons better for example if an individual 

wasn't within the webinar you tell them 

hey many thanks for attending here's 

your discount and for somebody who wasn't 

there on your the webinar, you say I'm sorry 

you missed it here's the recording so you 

recognize it's all event-based and this is 

often why I really like it if you are still 

using slack to communicate together 

with your team and you pay I remember what 

they charge you but ten or twenty dollars 

a month per person I would switch to telegram 

which is free which also has an app it doesn't 

have that many features but I feel that you 

simply don't actually need all of them 

because what I might do immediately with all 

of your business expenses, I might just sit 

down and cross off everything that you simply 

simply could replace with a free feature, 

therefore, the telegram is fellow Russian so 

was one among the primary to listen to about it 

and check it out and that we decided to 

adopt it in linguae trip and that we use it 

all the time so tell your messenger is your 

free alternative to slack in addition to 

keeping in-tuned together with your team, 

you'll also keep the conversation going 

together with your customers via newsletters 

once more you'll do this by getting a response, 

you'll treat beautiful responsive emails which 

can land within the inboxes of your customers 

at the right time or the right timing and time 

travel delivery tools and therefore the last 

but not the smallest amount guys there's a 

2.2 trillion-dollar package happening here in 

the US and we're exploring our options together 

with our bank and banks would be those who 

are distributing a 2.2 trillion-dollar package 

and we're working closely with our bank and 

they are giving us guidelines on how we will 

apply and this baggage looks really really 

generous so if you're in u.s. I would totally 

leave there and explore what you'll get from 

it if you're outside the I know what is going 

on in your country but I might wish to 

conclude this article with recommendations on 

the way to be productive these days always 

do your 10 to 15-minute yoga or whatever 

you're doing stretching in the morning that 

basically sets the mood for your day second, 

always dress up don't add your pajamas because 

that doesn't work always dress up and if you're 

a golfer it's put some makeup pressure here just 

confirm you look nice as if you're actually seeing 

people many thanks guys such a lot for reading

this article. 

and many thanks so much get a response for 

sponsoring it to love your product and love working 

with you and I hope you guys would enjoy reading 

this article and we'll start using the tools that i 

discussed if you're not yet subscribed to Bussiness.GQ 

and you've got a business then you're 

missing out on learning new tips and tricks on the 

way to boost your revenue and boost your productivity 

as the business owner hit subscribe I will be able 

to see you very soon in my next article bye-bye.


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