Best online business to start in 2020


 Best online business to start in 2020


In today's article, I want to steer you thru the 

a step-by-step process that has actually been working 

for these clients including the specific business idea

recommendations for software businesses and marketing

agencies. So stick around Let's mention some small 

business ideas during Corona. 

We've all seen a decrease in customers. 

If you're in any kind of marketing or sales 

the business actually Mackenzie did a study. 

They're one of the most important 

Consulting companies and business services 

was within the top 10 most affected 

businesses by the coronavirus. 

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Top business ideas in 2020

How to run an online business in 2020

So you the reader of this article based 

on my stats, you're presumably a marketing 

agency owner or a software business 

owner and you've got seen an impression. 

On your business from coronavirus and it's rough. 

Right? Let's take a second. 

Let's mention what proportion that sucks. 

Dude. Come on. We can't just keep doing 

equivalent stuff. We've always been 

doing uh, but in today's article I would 

like to offer a glimmer of hope because 

I even have seen email 10K students 

winning during this coronavirus. 

I have seen the x27 clients that we send 

cold emails for winning via this coronavirus 

and in today's article, I want to steer you 

thru the step-by-step process. Test that 

has actually been working for these clients 

including specific business idea recommendations 

for software businesses and marketing agencies. 

So stick around let's start with the primary question. 

Number 1: I ask any Consulting client if I'm 

trying to increase their sales I ask. 

What does one offer? 

Where are you immediately as a business

 Most of our viewers are marketing agencies 

or software developers. 

So I'm getting to specialize in those two 

for this article If you would like more 

specific advice that recommends joining 220 

coaching and you and a team member of ours 

can talk one-on-one. So that's favorite. 

Answer the question. What does one offer 


Number 2: Think about who's buying 

right now and you'll use your brain and 

think about it or I can just offer you a 

helpful list who's buying right now. 

I'm getting to read them right off my phone.


Okay who's buying immediately cleaning 

services Landscaping in yard healthcare 

delivery services fitness equipment companies 

grocery stores liquor and wine stores 

meal prep Services canned and Jarred Goods 

companies and game makers that's a list of 

companies that are buying right now. 

You've heard that it is vital. Test your 

subject lines to possess a minimum of an 

80 percent open rate and we've been ready 

to achieve that pretty consistently for our 

clients selling two billion dollar Brands. 

The hardest part was arising with the topic lines, 

but lucky for you. We put together 50 

cold email subject lines for you to check at email subject. I did some research 

AKA I Googled to return up with an inventory of Industries. 

And that's that now we've our targets. 

We have folks that have money and are buying stuff during the coronavirus and that we know what we 

sell so we sell software or we sell. 

Marketing and that we know these companies by now. 

What are we getting to do? How can we connect these two AKA? How can we get these people to shop for our goods and services? How can we do marketing 101 on this idea? Well, 

that brings us to the third question. 

Number 3: You're going to ask which is we all 

know they're doing well during Corona. What are 

they buying which starts with thinking about 

the company's problems? I boil it right down 

to two things supported my experience and those 

problems are this one they're either not getting 

leads or not getting Sales, 

albeit everyone else in their Industries doing 

great or to their flooded with too many leads 

AKA they have more sales than they will handle. 

It's getting to be one of those two things. 

They're either not getting enough leads or them 

have too many leads. 

So if your Corona idea is phrased around one of 

those two things you're golden and I'll offer you 

the exact sentences. You can say including examples. 

I'm getting to have some examples during a second 

to phrase your Corona business like this either I 

help business type gets more leads by the solution. 

That's for favorite or I help businesses prioritize and deal with too many leads by a solution. Now. 

I just gave you two great templates. 

Both are good business ideas, but I'm not going to 

throw random stuff out there. 

I am getting to offer you actual tangible examples 

that you can use starting with marketing. 

I'll offer you one on all of those for marketing 

the corona business would be I help grocery stores 

get more leads by doing local SEO to out-compete 

Walmart and get more customers sounds good, right? 

So that's a grocery store. Number two, I help 

landscaping and yard care companies prioritize 

and affect too many leads by taking care of their 

Angie's List and Yelp messaging to sort and shut 

deals faster. 

Those are two for marketing return during this article and you can rework those for your businesses or for any of the opposite Industries. 

I just picked two randomly grocery stores for the first one and landscaping for the second one. Now. 

Let's do some for development. The first one let's do cleaning services if they're not getting enough leads. I help cleaning services get more leads. 

By rebuilding their website to raised convert 

visitors number two may be a second idea for the 

software Dev. 

If they're getting too many leads within the canned 

and Jarred Goods industry. 

I helped canned and Jarred Goods companies prioritize 

and deal with too many leads by rebuilding their 

back-end Logistics management system. 

So they can ship to the very best priority stores 

first pitch that vehicle d-mail improve it like we 

talked about within the course email 10K step by 

step by step by step. We have this it doesn't

 Matter what the market conditions are there's 

always opportunity. 

You can go and find the folks that are buying and undergo this entire process. And the better the part about it's you send these cold emails. 

Let's say the grocery stores don't need to buy 

a CO you'll always move to subsequent one on the 

list and test a special concept there or you're 

pitching supported them not having leads 

then seems they need too many leads and now you have the second business idea able to go. 

It's all Frameworks. 

It's all systems and you'll survive regardless of market conditions inquiries to ask are what does one offer? Who's Buying immediately. 

What are they buying come up with a business idea around that to attach them? And that's it. 

does one have any questions on this? Let me know down within the comments like this to encourage because the algorithm loves that kind of thing subscribe for more articles like this and let's talk soon. Thanks for reading... 


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